Canadian Credit Union Association


C H A L L E N G E:
Develop insights about the Urban Millennial and Gen X bank customers, that Credit Unions could leverage in an awareness and conversion.

C L I E N T B U S I N E S S N E E D:
Increase awareness and create preference with younger, urban non-Credit Union users.

B U S I N E S S P R O B L E M:
Credit unions are great. But no one knows that. We need to bring to life what credit union can do for you.

C U L T U R A L F I N D I N G:
Anxiety about their long-term finances. 79% of Canadians don’t have strong confidence that they’ll achieve their financial life goals.
The majority of Canadians do not pick a bank, they open an account in the same bank as your parents. In other words, they do not why what they doing there.

I N S I G H T:
The banking usage is completely different inside the same generation, a student, a young professional, young parents, experienced parents, are looking for different products, they have different pain points in our life, and the Big 5 offer the same services.
Credit Unions can be a specialist to understand your necessity.




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