Felipe Ribeiro

Communication Strategist São Paulo, Brazil

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My name is Felipe. I´m originally from Brazil, but consider myself a global citizen currently living in Toronto. I came here eagerly with one goal in my mind: leave my mark in the world. That is the reason I wake up every morning.

That is how my history starts…

I was young, and the TV was my best friend, Malboro’s cowboy, and Coca-Cola Santa Claus were my heroes. Disney World was the place I would like to live, experience the magic 24/7. Each dream, objective, or hero was related to Ads’ world. In my family that sounded like a kind of joke, because I had no idea about the advertising world at that moment. I was a kid.

I grew up and I was even more fascinated by the idea that communication detains the power to reframe people’s opinion about anything. I can convince that my idea, my product or my service fits better someone´s needs. I can create the desire for my product. Then, I started to be ambitious about working in this field. However, as Uncle Ben said to Peter Parker “with great power comes great responsibility"

Strategical thinking has always been a part of me. So, let me explain. I made the best decision when I combined my career in the Ads’ world with my hobby. I am a gamer and, in a nutshell, I am responsible for developing my group strategy since I was 16. Every day I have little time to make the best decision based on my current situation, my efforts are focused on achieving the best result for the group, always.

Between 2012 and 2016 I worked as an account planner, cross-functioning inside agencies to optimize the creative process and help the teams to get a better understanding of the data and how it would be useful to get an insight. I have had the opportunity to put my educational background into practice and fulfill important tasks such as events, marketing research, new product development, launches, branding and market research inside the agencies.

I am always eager to learn, that is the reason I am here in Toronto. I want to learn about the industry, improve my knowledge, apply my cultural and educational background to bring a unique perspective to the table. That is a brief piece of my history.


Brainstation Toronto

Data Analytics

Miami Ad School Toronto

Strategy and Planning Bootcamp

Humber College

Post Graduation in Marketing Management

Universidade Tiradentes

Bachelor of Social Communication and Advertising

Design Thinking Academy – Recife

Design Thinking

Escola Superior de Propaganda & Marketing

Professional Development

New Media Dec-2012
Account Planning Jan-2013
Creativity Workshop Jul-2013



Best Real Estate Marketing Campaign, Marketing Best [link]


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